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In One Second

Everything can change in a second. My son called to let me know he was riding with his older brother in his brand new Honda CRX when A woman ran the stop sign and plowed into the drivers side spinning them around. The car is totaled, They both are shook up but not hurt. I am grateful for miracles! I am very grateful my sons are ok.

Will you take a moment and send love and silent gratitude out to all those you love? Do you know a police officer, an EMT, or a nurse. Please send silent gratitude to all of those working under high stress and in life or death situations. 

Be sure and visit with your besties and other loved ones. Tell them you love them. Is there anything you want to ask them?
Anything that needs to be cleared up? Has it been a long time since you reached out to someone to say hello? It can happen in a second so l
ive each day as if it is your last,
– or their last …

One of Og Mandino’s books, “A Better Way to Live”, gives us a reminder:
“I will waste not even a precious second today in anger or hate or jealousy or selfishness. I know that the seeds I sow I will harvest, because every action, good or bad, is always followed by an equal reaction. I will plant only good seeds this day.”
Let us plant only good seeds this day and every day.
I love you. I believe in you. You are enough. You are brilliant & beautiful.

Breakthrough Call

It is my mission to help those who struggle with trauma, anxiety or depression.

It is rewarding to see someone shift into peace from anxiety, to awaken to joy from depression, and to see excitement for life where there was pain or emotional paralisys.

As we Learn ways to build our emotional muscles with the help of our brain, we develop better respond – ability.


You are a warrior. You can conquer the stresses. You can release the heavy darkness. You can become emotionally fit. Please let me teach you to step into your best self, your Majestic Self.  You will use your powerful brain, body and mind to reduce any negative thoughts, feelings or reactions, even those things you may not remember or know are creating anxiety in your life. I will teach you ways to practice and train your brain to reduce, release and eliminate anxiety, stress, and depression. The techniques are self administered and can be used any time and anywhere you need. You deserve to be free. These strategies change behavior, improve learning abilities , bring a sense of peace and happiness back to your life.

Let’s connect on the phone or zoom so I can help you break through those blocks or obstacles.

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Majestic Freedom Crusader's Manifesto

Are you using auto suggestion to move you in the direction of your dream life?
As you speak your words out loud it strengthens you to move boldly toward that vision for yourself by influencing your conscious , subconscious and super conscious mind, turning on the ‘focusing’ area in your brain. A manifesto is a clear statement of your core values, what you stand for, and how you intend to live your life.
As you choose what words you will speak, your brain processes them as facts. Science calls this transmutation. It is Believing in your heart and receiving in your life.  “If you can believe it and see it, you can achieve it!” – Napoleon Hill
Are you ready to transform your life?
You can read and use our Freedom Crusaders Manifesto here…


I am Lori Sue, an ambassador of abundance. I was  born and raised in the great northwest, spending most of my childhood out of doors exploring. I live and work on a farm enjoying nature with Rufio, the Lab of my life. I get to lead classes on the farm, discussing and learning the lessons that Nature teaches us. I love to see the curious students Brain Lights go on as they realize how amazing they are and that they have the power to make good choices.

I’m committed to contributing to the positive progress of humanity through coaching physical, emotional spiritual & social fitness.

My passion is to help you eliminate anxiety and stress allowing you to increase in freedom to live a full life of joy and happiness. Starting with the brain and body, working through freedom of movement to financial freedom and beyond….

I’ve been working with children, adults and families for over 35 years. My favorite experiences have been working with preschool & elementary students in classrooms and small groups, during and after school.

My students learn to clear out the negative memories & toxins, become emotionally fit, release & relieve anxiety, become more present & grounded, and move forward as they become their best selves!

As students are guided through easy to learn techniques & strategies based on science, that are quick, fun, effective and life changing; a positive shift occurs.

Some benefits include: improved test scores, less negative physical reactions, better listening, and increased kindness towards their selves and others.

Is There a Way to Stop This Worry and Anxiety?

Yes! As you discover the source, story or meaning, you train your brain & body, and you dissolve the negative. What is left is a clear space where peace and joy become an easy choice.

Will the Nightmares End?

Yes! As we work together training your brain and body we can get to the source. You’ll uncover or realize the truth. Acknowledging and accepting the truth accesses its power. With that power comes clarity and confidence.

There is greatness in you. That is the Majestic You. You have a purpose that is uniquely your own.

We have many stories that we have accepted, or meaning that we attached to an experience, some of them we aren’t even aware of. Some of these stories do not serve us. Some of these stories or meanings can cause great pain, depression or struggle.

Will This Be any Different From Therapy or Counselling?

Yes! Intervention requires no disclosure, in other words you do not need to talk about your past experiences. You don’t  have to remember or dig up any past traumas…intervention requires no diagnosis, and no medication. Your brain and body remember.

Can I Move Into a Life Without Feeling Stuck?

Yes! You can learn and practice these strategies to empower you to break through all that is holding you back from being your very best self!

What is the next step?

Connect with me so we can get started!

Motivational Audio

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As part of my commitment to making a difference in as many lives as possible, I am stepping out in every way possible.

Majestic Mastery International is devoted to teaching innovative techniques to remove or significantly reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and the range of traumas that get in the way of living a full life.

You’re worth it!

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“Your brain works just like a computer, so make sure you’re the only one programming it” – The Mind Journal