It’s a new year. How are you doing with your resolutions?
Did you choose revolutions instead?

You know the statistic? More than 90% of those

who start there new years resolutions quit by the third week.

What will you do to assure your success?

When people change either something new happens

to them, OR something new comes

from within – and moves them deeply to change.

3 words that shifted my “changeability” are:
Anything you desire, whether it be financial freedom,
better health or a healed relationships, you can apply these
3 words and have success.
Seek- Decide what it is you really want and seek for answers, education, a better understanding of that thing you wish to change. You can look for someone who already succeeded at that thing and study how they did it.

Know this: Someone was once where you are now. Someone is where you want to be…
              “If you seek until you find      You will always find what you seek!”
Practice seeking – so you will continue having your best year Ever…

Today is the letter U… U stands for Unity
When you are united (in harmony or alignment) with your truth
and cooperating with all around you in your truth, you are in the flow.
Anytime you give in to others ideas or expectations that are not your truth
you become out of balance with your true self.  

United we can always do more. United we will always feel better…

Feel- become more aware of the senses that can help you to get answers. Get used to checking in throughout each day to see what and how you are feeling. Master the emotions you are feeling and the why of that emotion. You may be able to figure out a trigger that caused that feeling good, or bad, so you can recreate that good thing.

Your brain is bringing in billions of bits of information, transmitting thoughts and catching a few of those to bring in and focus on. Your mind, a magnetic field, processes through the brain and body and you think, feel, choose almost simultaneously because it happens so fast. What we feel can create our actions, change a behavior, and move us in a direction. But if we aren’t careful and we don’t pay attention to the feelings we can end up far from where we want to be.
How do you know when you are united?

Pay attention to how you feel today.
How do you feel around the people you are with?
How do you feel about the places you are in? Spend time
feeling the environments that you choose to be in.
Practice unity with your core beliefs- your true self.

Trust the power that is in you and the multiplier that is with you.

You deserve to have the best year ever and the best life ever.
Starting now- Take the steps that will benefit you.
Become one with your truth. Make decisions in alignment
with your truth. Your truth may be simplified as your top 2 values.

Brene Brown has a list of values and questions to help you figure out your top 2 values from her book Dare To Lead. ( Once you know these, you will be able to more closely define your truth! Once you have your truth in the open and clear for you, nothing will stop you from reaching whatever goal or intention you set. You will also benefit by having greater strength, more positive out look and healthier body. Setting healthy boundaries will be easier and that will create higher self esteem.

It is easier to be united with others around you when you know who you are and what values you live by. The truth

about you connects those 3 best friends you hear me talk about all the time – your brain, mind and body.

Science is catching up, discovering that your body is part of the brain processing. Scientists call it embodied cognition. There are volumes of studies on this topic for you to research. 

So seek ,feel and take action with all 3 – moving forward in harmony.

recognize the space you are in and place yourself in those that help you grow, places that uplift you and places where you feel right- just right! Kind of like Goldilocks 😉

Now, continue to clear out the matter in your brain that doesn’t matter so you can live a life that truly matters!

Seek . Feel , Act .