“After the storm came the glorious sun…”

My true intention is for you to increase

your emotional quotient and fall

madly in love with yourself…

I want you to realize your Majestic.

You are Majestic <3

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.

Nothing can be done without hope & Confidence.” – Helen Keller

Meanwhile, My internal mean girl, Ego, has been working especially hard to dominate my mind and emotions.

She seemed to be winning, poking at me minute by minute as I “tread water” taking care of the farm.

She pushed me down, saying cruel things

digging at my abilities, my worth, and what I don’t know…

I felt hope shrinking.

I found myself sick, collapsing on the bed in the early afternoon, sleeping straight through to the next day …

I stopped doing anything extra- curricular,

my confidence dipped…

Does your mean girl or boy sometimes “Clobber you”

Belittling you, making sure you hear what you couldn’t do

or didn’t do right?

As the cherries literally went to the birds, the apricots dropped off while the ones left in the tree became a party place where insects held eating contests…

Thank my liver – I have squishy kneepads to weed, prune, pick and garden with…

I have a new garden umbrella to test today, since I am out in the heat and sun.

I’m extremely grateful and yet, it is still

…easy to become overwhelmed…


My mind asks my brain when I start to feel the weight pressing down:

What do I do?

What is the first thing?

How do I manage this?

Who can help me?

Where can I turn for peace?

“Calgon take me away”  heehee

Guess who came to my rescue?

There are no coincidences. God knew

exactly what I needed…

She helped me to appreciate all the senses I have,

the beauty of nature and a way to step back,

relax and let go. Her name is

Helen Keller…

She is one amazing woman!

It is incredible that though she was deaf and blind,

she still saw the beauty and splendor in all things through her touch.

In her book, she describes velvet roses, buzzing bees and other parts of nature from such a different perspective.

I borrowed her perspective shifting my own to

really feel all the miracles around me.

She saved me from myself –

The words from the mean girl faded.

I am feeling stronger again.

You can find her book, “The story of My Life By Helen Keller”

on YouTube audio books or in Audible.

I will continue to share some of her insights as I read.

Breath deep.

Seek peace.

Know You are loved

– and you are love <3

Lori Sue

Are you hustling, grinding or in a hurry daily?Switch it up now. Take joy in the moment. Choose to be present and engage with what ever you are doing in any given moment of your day. Practice allowing joy & satisfaction to come. Continue giving credit and silent gratitude. Though it may rain and even pour at times- Remember it is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain!

Let yourself dance

Let yourself fly even…

One friend told me to give that mean girl another job to do like, go write a book, do research or travel. I was surprised to see how well that worked.