Do you know who your 3 best friends forever are?

Can you name them 1,  2, and 3 quick?

I would like you to open your mind and heart to experience the freedom flow-state. To do this, and you may have experienced it before, you will have to imagine that you yourself have 3 best friends that have been with you all along..

Your 3 very best friends are:

Your body,

Your brain,


Your mind…

Have you heard of  Hebb?

What about Hebb’s Law?

“Neurons that fire together wire together…”

In other words;  Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change its physical structure and function based on repeated experience,behavior, and thoughts. 

Is there a battle going on in your brain for cortical real estate?

Norman Doidge, a Canadian Psychiatrist,  answers “Yes!”

He stated:

This competition for cortical real estate “also explains why our bad habits are so difficult to break or ‘unlearn’.  Most of us think of the brain as a container and learning as putting something in it.  When we try to break a bad habit, we think the solution is to put something new into the container.  But when we learn a bad habit, it takes over a brain map, and each time we repeat it, it claims more control of that map and prevents the use of that space for ‘good’ habits.”

If Hebb is correct then we can use brain renovation, demolition or dissolving techniques which are similar to sweeping the attic or weeding the garden. As you remove the unwanted, old or non-beneficial things,  like bad habits, you make room for the new skills, behaviors and habits to grow or “fire” up those neurons in the brain.

When you plant a garden, the soil doesn’t care what seeds you place into the ground.  If it is grape seeds – grape vines will grow. If you plant White baneberry, also known as doll’s eye,  this poisonous plant will grow.                                                                                                                                        It is the same with the mind. What you plant there and think upon will grow. As you harmonize brain with mind and body you can plant the things you want to see in your life?                                                                          Are you growing your tree of life?                                                                             Are you harvesting the most delicious fruits from the soil and the super-natural fertilizer of your brain?

Albert Einstein says insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.                                                                                          Is there a behavior you keep repeating?                                                               Are you thinking that one of these times the outcome will be different?

When a garden is unattended, weeds spring up whether you water the ground or not.  Noxious weeds may even choke out  good plants that are there.                                                                                                                  Your amazing brain is like a garden. As you live with intention,  recognizing what is best for you to plant,  you can fill that space with the things for your highest good…

If you let your mind lead the way, you may be sad if it is stuck in stories of struggle, scarcity, and victimhood.                                               Using your brain to neurokenetically act on your body, can clear any negative and ineffective meaning you have placed on the memories in your brain.                                                                                                                      Then you can clear a way learn, or remember, the truth and wisdom that stands as it always is and always will be.                                             As you master living in your truth, you harmonize your mind, brain and body ( those three BFFs).                                                                                        This places you in the flow.

Some also call this the zone or flow-state.                                                             One author interviewing athletes says they speak of being in the zone with vigorous energy or super focus during an event.

I have experienced flow or the zone as quite the contrary.                    I felt no vigorous out put. I actually felt beyond focused as my body movement was fully present in every microsecond of time. It was a very free-feeling experience.                                                                                   As an athlete I practiced serving and spiking the volleyball hundreds and maybe thousands of times.                                                                               Then during one game I remember seeing the perfect set and moving into the zone, without any thought . It was slow motion…

Was instinct, muscle memory, perfect practiced habit?

I felt as if I hovered above the net in the air for minutes selecting the spot I would hit the ball to.                                                                                              I located the exact spot, like a target was drawn on the court below and all the players were suspended in time.                                                        If you’ve seen the movie “Time Stoppers” then you know what I am      describing …                                                                                                                            My team-mates shouted,                                                                                  “Chip!”                                                                                                                                   As my  body with brain and mind powerfully sent a ball to the gym floor untouched by the opponent….

As you practice anything in your life, whether it be the perfect presentation ,  the stage performance,  or a yoga move it becomes effortless. Your brain and body harmonize creating a memory of truth that the mind can remember, creating flow or the zone every time we get the perfect set, or set-up…                                                                                      If we think about Hebb’s law along with the garden analogy, we can understand how our brain takes up more cortical real estate making a mind map for that behavior, skill or habit, putting us into flow as we reap what we have sewn,  or placing us into a detrimental state of wrong turns, bad choices or victimhood…

So does practice alone place us in the zone or flow state?

Many researchers, scientists and doctors will argue that the answer is no.  I agree.

There are times when we take action with no thought. Our brain turns on our brain to body impetus for surviving the next second. Our brains can also help us take action instantly to save others, as a mother did on the side of a Miami highway when a baby had stopped breathing.                                                                          

By practicing using these 3 BFFs together you can master yourself.  When you realize it is a process it becomes easier to relax and grow.                              As you master the harmonization of mind-brain-and body , you will experience the freedom, peace, and aliveness.

If you are wondering about harmonizing your brain mind and body, or you are curious about how to “clean the attic” of your mind, weeding out all the unhelpful and unhealthful “plants that are in your garden” You may schedule a time to get your questions answered and decide if you would like to take the next step working with me.

I believe you deserve to move forward in a flow-state creating the life you have been destined to live…

If you want to learn more about the brain re-wiring here is a fantastic article from time magazine…


The article about the Miami highway incident is