I had a dream that I could fly

Oh no, you can’t

“Oh yes!”, says I,

“And you can too!”

Not I, I’ve work to do!

Maybe when my work is through.

So toil and labor, sweat and grind…

I said “Let’s fly!”

No- ne’er mind. If I don’t get this done

right now- I’ll never fly.

So no! Not now.

Time went by. She dug a hole.

To work and win, her only goal.

“Oh please, come fly! Just for a bit”

Oh no – not now- I cannot quit.

There’s work to do. It must be done.

I must work hard… Then I’ll have fun.

“Oh come and fly just for a bit.

This is your purpose. There’s joy in it!”

I said not now. I’ve work to do. You’ll be sorry

if that’s all you do.

You need to sweat and work and ache.

Flying is goofing off, for heaven’s sake.

So on she pushed against the grain.

All her energy, she did drain.

Thinking she was doing well.

There’d be a hard luck tale to tell.

In the end she’d get paid well.

Then she’d fly, she’d tell herself.

For now, the dream sits on a shelf.

Meanwhile the one who chose to soar,

followed her heart, opened each door.

Though sometimes fear came creeping in,

she breathed in faith. She chose to win.

“No matter how huge the task may seem,

You can make reality from a dream.

With daily practice you can fly.

One small step. Give it a try.

It’s a leap of faith. I know it’s true.

There is no telling what’s in store for you.

Greater things are in your heart,

Then those feelings to do more than your part.

Why create the challenges to feel your worth?

You’ve had those wings before your birth.

You kept them hidden, tucked inside

thinking your strong-hold is fortified.

Buried deep with walls you’ve hid them

locked away yo now forget them.

It’s time to trust your heart and fly

Spread your wings

Stretch to the sky.

You will see miracles, feel peace & joy.

There’s so much to be found!

Look inside.  Let go of pride.

Lay your ‘work load’ down.

Follow the path that’s there for you.

The path God planned, the one you knew.

Just listen close – You’ll even hear

A million voices shout & cheer.

When you follow your heart you can’t go wrong.

It feels strange at first, but wings grow strong.”

She laid her load down, wiped her face &

remembered the wisdom & grace.

She’s right. I too can fly!

I don’t know why I didn’t try.

Perhaps I judged this thing to soon.

It took small steps to reach the moon!

Perhaps I made a judgement call that

wasn’t right- No. not at all.

In my heart I know it’s true.

I can fly! -and-



She took a leap.

Do you Know?

She spread her wings.

She just let go

She flew. She soared and

that’s not all

She felt the joy she made a call.

Thank you for encouraging me.

You helped me find the way.

You changed my life. There is less strife.

My heart has found TODAY!

I can soar on special wings. I’ve had them all along.

I’ve worked so hard for all this time to find wings to

put on.

But I was wrong- working for wings through

sweat, toil and strife.

I’ve worked to earn them. Yes. all my life.

They were right here, tucked away.

I had too much to do each day-

to notice they there for me.

All I had to do was SEE.

Then take a step, that’s sight unseen,

and fly beyond those dreams I dream.

In your heart you know it’s true.

I can fly! – and-