Have you been caught in one of life’s TTs? (temporary tornados) Have you had a period in your life where things  are coming at you at a million miles an hour? Deadlines to beat? Answers to find in a short time? Thinking hard about first things first and wondering what that first thing is?! There are so many exciting things happening that are very positive -yet- Since I am on a different path … – – the unknown path I have these doubt attacks- Do you get these sometimes? Will it work out there?  What about leaving my friends? Will Rufio like it there? Is it safe?  While all along when I relax and pay attention it is right on- yes- move forward –  Breath- “Release”- just breath… What I have learned through the TTs of life  is that if you stay in your harmonized brain & heart   you will gain added strength to meet that challenge. The larger the obstacle the more strength you get when you stop, become still, ask one question and just listen… Nothing is as it seems. It is not what you think it is… It is, however, WHAT you think – HOW you choose to think about the steps you’re taking. Are you wondering what the question is? Remember we talked about replacing that negative? Face it! Erase it!  Replace it! To keep the negative out of your life there are some  super crucial things you must do.. These are not options. As your Coach. I am here  to help you move forward to total freedom through self mastery. I will tell you what you need to hear – and not always what you want … You will get to change, soften your heart- train your brain so your thoughts will work for you. ( that is what some call – Getting out of your own way) The MUST DO for living a life Totally True Totally YOU: #1. Know that no matter what comes – or how hard the obstacles &  challenges in front of you may seem – The universe will be there to  multiply your strength. There are angels seen and unseen that help along the way…Most often all we need to do is receive it.  If you don’t know this or think you can’t believe it- DO me a favor and  pretend you are a scientist doing an experiment and  choose to believe and practice … Then see what happens. When you hear that inner voice, the mean one, be sure and interrupt it  with a “I got this!” or “Everything happens for a reason and it serves me!” EHFARAISM #2. When things get crazy with extra tasks that are urgent to complete, do not quit the rituals you do regularly. Keep doing those things that  fire you up. If you get off a little or have skipped some of those daily activities that charge you – get back to them as soon as you can. It is a loop.  When you realize you’re off and get back on – you can decrease the “off” time until you are off less and less which means you’re ON more and more. #3  There are habit forming actions you must take daily for living your life abundantly (without anxiety) I remember these actions with a funny acronym – I luv acronyms!! The L is silly… MY HEALTH M practice moderation and working toward a nice balance Y Your thoughts – Pay attention and stop any negative thoughts about YOU                               (stomp out the ANTs) = automatic negative thoughts H clean H2O E regular Exercise doing what you enjoy A pure clean Air breathing deep at least once a day- (meditation) L make sure you Laugh often daily and “saw those Logs” (rest- sleep-recoup) T practice Trusting yourself and Trusting life, repeat this mantra “I trust life!” H eat Healthy real Foods daily – 3 times a day 4-5 hours apart – and enjoy eating. Sit down, relax, breath, chew, taste, swallow, visit and laugh if you happen to be with a friend or family member. Are you wondering about that question? Here is the one I use. “Is this for my greatest and highest good?” You are enough:
  • practice “MY HEALTH”
  • Face it. Erase it. Replace it.  
I believe in you! You deserve to live your best life- Keep thinking good thoughts and learning that good things are  supposed to happen to you.