Individual Sessions

Our minds play a huge part in our survival. The stories we tell ourselves when processed through the brain can be detrimental to our moving forward. Through some self- administered techniques which you learn – You can train your brain and harmonize your mind and heart to recognize and take down the negatives so that you start feeling good and moving forward very quickly. It is best to complete 5 sessions to create habits and rewire the brain… Each session will also include a habit builder page and a follow up call 2 days after the appointment. With optional reminder calls/texts…

1 Per session $130 Investment

5 sessions paid in advance (save $100) $550

* See session content below

Family Sessions

Home should be a place we want to be. Building deep family relationships can be difficult. It is more difficult for those who were raised without the example or guidance. In each family session we cover some self-administered techniques that all can use to bring down their own anxieties, relieve stress and take down the barriers between family members. We will also discuss, create and establish new patterns with some fun techniques to use at home…

Per Session $180 Investment

5 Sessions paid in advance $800 (save $100)

* See session content below

Group Sessions

90 minute group session for up to 12 people

Inquire for larger groups

$1000 Investment


Light & Life Enhancement Experience - LLEE

We will be going through the 5 sessions for individuals, as well as, Brain & Heart, Brain Retraining, Freedom of Movement, Relationship Dynamics, Purpose Creation and Financial Freedom.

  • 12 Week Life Experience
  • 1 Hour Weekly Sessions
  • Life Enhancement Workbook PDF Download
  • Weekly Email Follow Ups
  • Accountability Phone checkin 15 and 30 days after final session

$1997 Investment or 2 payments of $1050 ea. 

* See session content below 

Session Content

1. Luv 2 Laugh: This session is all about clarity – gaining back some smile time and recognizing the importance of laughter – giggling- and smiles in your life…

Other happiness habits start here -If you don’t have a journal you will need to get one for this.

2. Hands Down: This session is about Courage to change: you will learn several hand techniques to help with breaking down any feelings of lack that are lurking in your being.

3. Brain Detox: This session is about Character emergence- It’s time to watch our words, grab hold of what has bound you, and clear out all of the negative through Switch Methods…

4. Emotional Clearing Session:  In this transformational session you will work with an emotion clearing coach. Plan on an hour on Zoom, Face time, or Skype. Lois will take, help, read and clear your meridians to clean out and put off any false beliefs, then help you design new beliefs to put on.

5. Tick Tick Timing:  This session is about Content and Self-Compassion. You will learn to use some different exercises to find out what your mind stories are. Then take the steps necessary to clear them and send them away leaving space for new loving stories to be written.